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Housing is a real estate App for iPhone and Android that uses artificial intelligence and geolocation to help you sell your property and to find the best houses for you. 

1. Houses near you

In the Houzing screen you can press the location button to see all the houses closest to your location

Our houses

Everyday new houses are joining Houzing. These are some of the recently added.

Houzing for House Owners

With the Houzing app you can sell or rent your property without leaving your home. Our consultants will be able to help you using the Houzing app and following visits to your property. Houzing lawyers will help you with the legal contracts and registrations. Because Houzing is a 100% mobile app, Houzing commissions are almost half of a traditional real estate agency. 

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Houzing for Independent Real Estate Brokers 

Because Houzing is a real estate agency 100% mobile you are always connected to your Clients using your smartphone. Houzing app automatically promotes your properties to the right audience and automatically match your visits schedules.

With Houzing you can focus in the most important part of your business: your Client.

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